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A Weapon for Show... [entries|friends|calendar]
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No Subject [16 Oct 2008|11:25pm]
cobbled in horn and sinew
distaste at my inelasticity
my lack of sinew
time poured over cracking earth
sucked. exit. smolder. temper.
strips from flesh with a mat cutter.
dripping sound.

Slipped in between Dylan and Hepburn with a phony New England accent
The kind of pricks that hang a Kandinsky in the living-room.
Stacked televisions in the corner, bits of wood.
'My life as an object!'
Flicker. Bleating out code - you're all bleating out code, fumbling through the braille in static.
Fumbling. Ideas poorly rendered. No sense of space.

I was passionate.
I am put upon.
You were trading cards.
I've a thick wad of bills.
Emotional currency - the good kind. The shit that spends in your circles.

It translates:
Schism to schism.

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What Do You Have To Say? - What Makes Me Brave [01 Dec 2007|03:09pm]
On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. What have you done that is brave?

People that take their history directly from public school text books can shampoo my crotch. Rosa Parks wasn't a hero - she was doing her job.

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It's only 1.08 x 10^2000000000000 Plancks to the liquor store - no worries. [14 Nov 2007|02:20pm]
Slipstream and mingle
Now is the winter indeed -
i saw delicate mesh settle in on you
grasping at your form in hills and valleys
Could I have measured your state of mind
without altering its course?

You cat-in-a-box, you. Bang [bang.]


Four albums out of sync... [25 Feb 2007|06:05pm]
You were some wonderstruck maori. Sometimes I get to thinkin'.


3rd Show [02 Nov 2006|04:37pm]


[01 Nov 2006|10:33am]


A New Beginning... [21 Oct 2006|01:08pm]


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check it out. tell your friends. [19 May 2006|01:29am]


new song, in progress... [17 May 2006|02:40pm]
hid your notes in shame
as the searchlights filled your room
cast shadows on the walls that you could sing to
if your lips could only move

ground your hands around the crevices
splintered and resentful
searching for some board to slip aside
slip out with your pride in tact
and run until your legs give out and you can just collapse

and i remember
we watched you fade
from something pure to something bitter
something cynical, jaded
and regretful of all the time away
but no one needs to know
no one needs to know me

hid your face in shame
as the searchlights flooded everything
cast shadows on the wall that you would cling to
if you could only move

and i remember
we watched you fade
from something pure to something bitter
something cynical, jaded
and regretful of all the time away
but no one needs to know
no one needs to know me now


[11 May 2006|03:32pm]
crystallized - sweeping bricks, panels
pulled tight from vapor and surrounded

clumsy, i pulled at your faces like some chinese puzzle-box, my interest less in your contents
than joy at unraveling the complexities of your shell. slipping, fumbling, tugging your ego to spite the id.
i'm such a clever boy, i thought

quantized - a discrete set, binary
on/off in desperate need of a dimmer
still i'd flip the same switch demanding new results, a step outside the circuit and tangent to the process.
stretched your compassion like plastic over my expressions - a wealth in preservation and warmth in the undertow.

signing declarations of war in hopes that we'd come together
we moved as banners unfurled above the clamoring - icons in opposite camps clawing toward central point.

we are blind through rage and reason.

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emteevee WOOOwoooOWOWOOOOOOOo! [01 Apr 2006|10:59am]
i amk sio fukciung drunk!!!1!!! hokly shit1

wait. no. not really. it's 11 am and drunk posts are completely fucking moronic.

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the perfect blend of Weezer and Rap [27 Mar 2006|11:52pm]

i am drumming (poorly)
the drummer is singing
the backup vocals are intentionally offkey

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undecided... [22 Nov 2005|01:34pm]
shed integers [prepping the next social set]
truth, man:
shaped my persona like a bonsai
planting the roots in razor wire
let them spread in fractal and soon [bearing no resemblance] i'm auto-asphyxiate

we were in perihelion [close enough to understate]
and you dug my sound all through the underground;
casting independent waves of bullshit
about the gamut of my spectrum

fucked and prayed [interchangeable]
the pretense could wash over us as a steady rain
shipping chemicals to our gut[ter]s
and perpetuating fraud which had, no doubt, become self-defining.
instead, we found ourselves like snow angels in dry grass: a lot of effort to no end.

truth, man.

you begged me for prose [recompense]
noting the differential of our deference
[that is, to say nothing of our kinetic potential]
opted out and settled for equilibrium.
or rather, i offered anarchy iambic


in no time we were guarded
unwinding walls of cellophane and relying on glare
as subterfuge; out of sight and mind [an aggressive acquiescence]
secretly, we ached to scrawl mirrored apologies in vivid sharpie hues;
notes with extra ellipses

the truth is:
i'm just pheromone-guided to an over-sized X.

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[25 Oct 2005|01:30pm]
i am running out of stories
and the will to tell them

(1 would impose)

[12 Oct 2005|12:43pm]
it's empty here and i am not coping
we're such a long way from san diego
further from LA
walking out barefoot and swirling in plastic
romance sold in rows of silver-pipe frames wrapped in canvas
and for three years we let the memory tarnish
you should have seen this coming
i should have seen this coming
it's empty here and we're out of drugs and second chances
but i have bottles in the trunk and pornography
and eccentricities only you really understood

we have so many secrets

i guess we should have seen this coming.

(2 would impose)

new song [05 Aug 2005|10:19am]
stood in your rearview
drawing our names in the dirt
the snow, it settled, and it covered all my words
and i found myself firmly planted in the earth
dumbstruck and helpless, as you threw your car in reverse

a dim december and i'm staring
at the spaces where you were
each empty doorway has me locked inside with her
slender silhouette i dare not let my mind disturb
thrown from the candlelight; so electric that it hurts

and every change i make to the surface
i'm afraid is never bound to reach the shore

as the sky collapsed around me
i drove this spike into the ground
screamed at the silence, let your lightning strike me down
you and i have nothing left to settle now
we're too exhausted to be angry; we're too fucked up to be proud

for now
i'll celebrate the wonders of a life i left to chance
apologies we render void with further trespasses

every change i make to the surface
i'm afraid is never bound to reach the shore

(4 would impose)

[10 Jun 2005|09:46pm]
the horizon was grey with city light
spread across the sky leaving patches of cosmos
in spin [waver to accommodate]

you came on like machine-gun fire
aglow with city light
shells clattering [wind-chime elegance]

so terrible the crescendo
left in pools

that reflected patches of cosmos
faded grey in the city light


the piece that was always there... [10 May 2005|02:01am]
i knew i shouldn't have looked. the past is the past is the past.

why am i digging up graves? fucking depressing.

(2 would impose)

goodnight, elisabeth... [04 May 2005|03:26am]
put you on repeat
out long enough to grow cold
and still, i had to take you in
in quiet notes
i would drink away tomorrow's disappointment

played with your chemicals
played with mine
blending our sensations with cranberry
in quiet notes
choking down tomorrow's disappointment

i'm full [you know it]
i'm pacified [oh, you you know it]
and i let the last chords ring

(2 would impose)

"i can't do that... how about a nice game of chess?" [15 Apr 2005|07:09pm]
i take delight in your misery.

serves you right...

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